Total Blessings

We are here to help anyone in need, no matter what kind of situation you are in

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In need of...

  Many times as we pick the victim and their children up to take them to a shelter, they have not eaten anything, so we, (with Gift Cards) will be able to pick up something for them to eat on the way to the SAFE PLACE)


We are not only about helping Domestic Violence Victims, but we also help ANYONE in need of ANYTHING, such as Help with Medical Bills or Child Care or Chores (If they are ill), we help with prescriptions and medical costs when we can, so your donation can go to help MANY PEOPLE IN VARIOUS SITUATIONS, that NEED YOUR HELP!  It is ALL 100% Tax Deductible!


If you would like to mail donations that are on the wish list or some much needed gift cards, for Gasoline, CVS, Walgreens, Grocery Stored, etc...

I can pick up items that are close to Burleson 

Please contact me at




You WILL receive a PAYPAL RECEIPT for ANYTHING that you donate, so you can use it for a tax donation at the end of the year.  Thank you again for any and all donations!!!